Here’s a Great Idea.
“Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms just like NASCAR drivers, so we can identify their corporate sponsors.” Now that would be a change I could believe in.”
author unknown

Ted Kennedy would not be dead under Obama’s health care plan because the plan never was meant for nor will it be for congressmen. They and other govt. employees will have a different enhanced plan.

So?? You want the govt. to be your health care provider?

If you or your children do not have health care before this bill is passed or if you don’t you will not be able to get private health insurance as mandated by the powers that be,the state or the govt  You will never be able to change your health care to another private provider. NEVER!

Look folks, look up the info. yourself. Read the health care plan yourself. Here it is; Health Care Bill .Think of the implications. This bill will substantially raise taxes and it won’t be free. 1.6 trillion will be cut from medicare and medicaid and those cuts will affect the health care of the old and the poor. There will be rationing. The govt. will control 1/6 of the economy. They will have a monopoly. Our military will pay more for their medical. You will not be able to sue them for price fixing.  Don’t believe me. Check it out for yourself.  Below are links for a few opinions expressed by other citizens. There are  many more. Don’t get stuck in the old paradigm of east versus west,Republican versus Democrats,conservative versus liberal. If this bill is so great why isn’t congress going to take it? Ask yourselves that. As for me it bothers me quite a bit that Obama has as his designated special health care advisor Ezekial Emanuel. Wouldn’t he place a person in that position  he agreed with? Once we get this health care there will be no turning back. It will be full steam ahead.

Besides Ezekial Emanuel, Formerly The Hemlock Society now called for PR reasons ,”Compassion & Choices” was also  involved in the wording of the so called health care bill.They worked with members of congress on section 1233 of House Bill 3200.


Govt. Health care option dead


August 15, 2009

Death panel’ is not in the bill… it already exists

Ten reasons why health care in America is better.


Millions will not be covered, care will be rationed

7 ways health care reform will affect you

Will cost 1.6 Trillion

Will fine anyone refusing health coverage

In his own words Obama said he wants Universal Healthcare.

Video Obama +single payer health insurance


Instead of tightening regulations on health insurance, the feds should loosen them. Anyone should be able to purchase any policy from any state. Some states require coverage for birth control, fertility treatments, mental health and other options. These may be nice, but they push up the price of the plan.”

Another Answer

Some advocate rationed health care.  Do we really want a third party deciding when our life is over? Do they really thin they know better than us?   Shouldn’t that be left up to the indiv. and the family? Is it about the money and the dollar amt. they put on human lives? Are we just livestock? Is that the problem? Is that the real issue? Is this another issue, specifically the issue some say, there is no God? and therefore mankind has to make these decisions? Peter Singer advocates rationed health care. Gee, this person makes me sad.

Why we must ration health care.

peter singer


~ by riffenberg on August 11, 2009.


  1. hahhaa…it just a dream man..!
    health insurance in US are very expensive..!

    • Well not really. Once again we have been duped by leftists politicians and Marxists. The figures we see for the health care costs include govt. costs as well as private expenses. Even then Americans don’t pay that much more for health care than Canadians. Even though many people(in other countries with govt. health care) still must have and pay for supplemental insurance those costs are not included in the GDP. . No-one else but the US figures costs by including private costs. If we could buy insurance across state lines then health care premium costs would drop significantly.

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