Nazi Party in Canada formed by Jewish Congress

Canadian Jewish Congress emblem

Canadian Jewish Congress emblem

Members of the Canadian Jewish Congress brought back from the dead, the Nazi party in Canada . here  In so doing, they were able to restrict free speech by passing hate crime/speech legislation. This was done in Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution.  It was a  capital crime to speak against Jews.  Most of the Russian govt. was Jewish and because of hate speech laws, they had carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to do. here

This sort of thing happens all over the world. Govt.agents pretend to be white supremacists, Nazi’s, skinheads, anarchists etc. Many times rally’s and demonstrations are infiltrated with govt. agents to instigate riots. Sometimes ,only the infiltrators are violent. here

The goal of the Canadian Jewish Congress was”to convince Parliament to give them more ‘hate’ laws.”, here

Democrat vandalizes Democrat Headquarters in Colorado and blames conservatives. here


~ by riffenberg on August 26, 2009.

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