Obama,Sunstein Want to Shut Down Bloggers

Freedom of speech is under attack from a number of fronts.  This is just another attempt to censor speech.  Another freak associated with Obama is fruitcake Cass Sunstein.  Remember him?  He wants animals to be covered by our constitution.  He believes they should have legal rights and legal representation.  In his book,  “Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech ” moon- beam Cass wants speech censored by implementing fines.  This would have a chilling affect on dissension and of course that would be the point.  He knows best you know.  He knows better than the framers who constructed the constitution to protect the freedom of speech with the first amendment.   He is a Harvard graduate..you know.  Therefore he knows best.

Sunstein wrote another book called NUDGE. In it he proposes that everyone would be considered an organ donor unless they did not specifically state they did not want to donate their organs. The decision would not be the survivors of the deceased but the state’s. Once again I am sick of this sort of thing.

“Leftists are in fact the enemies and oppressors of women, children, gays, minorities and the poor and conservatives should never confront them without reminding them of this fact”. David Horowitz



~ by riffenberg on September 3, 2009.

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