US Vs. Western Europe and Canada Cancer Survival Rates

U.S Beats Europe 5 YR. Cancer Survival Rates

For more info about the chart and article see here

“The well-known difference between U.S. and European cancer survival rates was unlikely to be entirely attributable to methodology in the registries, and more likely related to the amount of investment in health technology such as CT scanners, the researchers suggested.”

Insurance companies in the US offer newer and more expensive drugs for cancer, as compared to most western govts.  In countries with socialized medicine, drugs are rationed due to cost. For example,there is the  case of  Herceptin and New Zealand . Herceptin is a very effective drug for breast cancer. Due to it’s cost , it is not issued as extensively by New Zealand’s govt. run health care as it is in the U.S.

It seems in the US a CT Scan will be ordered for anyone with a headache..  In the UK  only 42% of all stroke patients receive a CT Scan  within 24 hours..  That’s CRIMINAL!  Once again, govt. health care is inadequate.

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20% of  lung cancer patients became incurable because of wait time for treatment in Britain.


~ by riffenberg on September 9, 2009.

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