Thank-you Joe Wilson For calling Obama a Liar!

Thank-You Joe Wilson for calling Obama a liar. That he is. Illegals will be covered. They will not have to pay the health care plan tax nor will they be fined for not having health care. They will be treated anytime at any emergency room and we will pay for it. On July 30th the Dems voted down a bill by Rep. Nathan Deal. The bill would have required health care providers to use a verification program for health care services. was voted down.  So the identity of illegals as to their legal status will not be questioned as it would be in other country for a person seeking health care or as it would be  in their own country. So by voting this down Democrats know very well illegals will be covered. LIARS! Debate Obama on this. Let’s bring this issue to the forefront. Thanks, Joe Wilson!


~ by riffenberg on September 10, 2009.

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