Pro-Life Activist Shot,Murdered

Pro- life activist, senior citizen, Jim Pouillon, was shot repeatedly from a moving car.  Pouillon, known as a “kindly man” was seen often with his walker was 63 years old.  He was murdered outside a school in Michigan.  The prosecutor’s office of Shiawassee County believes the murder was politically motivated. In the past pro-life activists have received numerous threats. Operation Counterstrike , an on line blog encourages violence against pro-life activists.  The prosecutor’s office of Shiawassee County believes the murder was politically motivated. Betcha the media will spin this story.  The focus won’t be on the fact the man was a pro-lifer murdered by an anti-lifer, err, pro-abortion indiv…

large_web shooting 2

Pro-life activist Murdered

In fact today on Operation Counterstrike they are celebrating with this post, (Be sure to read the comments to this post)
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UPDATE:  The following quote celebrating the murder of an anti-abortion American citizen and some other quotes have been removed from the,”Operation Counterstrike” Blog.  Several complaints were filed with Google Management  citing,  “Operation Counterstrike” as a hate blog. Maybe that’s why they were removed.

Below is the quote of the owner of “Operation Counterstrike” blog, celebrating the MURDER of another human being.

“Hey hey hey, what’s going on here??? We don’t yet know why this was done so it’s too early to break out the bubbly, but it sure looks encouraging....”


~ by riffenberg on September 11, 2009.

4 Responses to “Pro-Life Activist Shot,Murdered”

  1. He continually badgers pro-life blogs, including mine. I finally accepted his latest comments, which pointed out his attitude toward pro-lifers, which I posted in his own words.

  2. He also goes by “Dr. Death,” SoMG,” and other names. He comments regularly on many pro-life blogs. Google software lets me know how a person found my blog. He posts “Pro-life blogs,” on Google to find posts he can argue with. I have deleted or refused to accept most of his posts. He especially badgers Jill Stanek, Frank Pavone’s blog, Christina Dunigan’s Real Choice, and a host of others.

    I don’t think he likes me too well. I posted his threat about killing pro-life supported in a response to his last comment. He may think I ratted on him, but it was not me.

  3. Well if at any point he ever threatens anyone he should be reported.

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