Joe Wilson Will Not Apologize Again

Joe Wilson will not apologize for yelling ,”You Lie”, despite the possible, political move by the Dems to censor him.  He has apologized once by telephone to the white house and by letter.  Wilson says he felt provoked by Obama’s highly partisan speech. Since ,his outburst, Wilson has received over 1 million in contributions.  Congressman Wilson will not back down from his comment that the Dems planned to include illegals all along.

Now some liberals are complaining that Wilson receives free life time medical care for his service to our country.  It’s baffling to an obtuse liberal why a soldier should get free medical.  They don’t get the fact that it’s payment for the sacrifices they and their families made for this country. After all, military personnel are lower than a pint of pond scum. Heck, I’m sure they consider the free room and board soldiers get on the battlefield, an entitlement. They might  ask, why can’t they pay for their own medical care  when they leave the service?


~ by riffenberg on September 13, 2009.

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