Dems Thugishly Silence Critics of Health Care Bills

In an attempt to silence Humana through threats and  intimidation Senator Baucus of Montana asked for an investigation of Humana by CMS.   Silencing the public and private companies with federal agencies has now become de rigeur . Prompted by Senator Baucus , The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), has sent a letter of intimidation to other insurance agencies warning them too.   Numerous times now the Democratic party has attempted in one way or another to ram through a health care bill the public does not want.  Time and time again they have attempted to silence  free speech on this issue.  Apparently they have been successful with the major news outlets such as CNN, ABC, NBC and CNBC because nary a word has come forth from them about  Humana and Baucus.  500 Billion will be cut from Medicare if the Baucus bill passes to pay for the so called reform bill  hurting  low income seniors.

Since AARP and United Health Care openly support  the health care bill Senator Baucus appears to target only those who disagree with him for silencing.  Republican Rep, Dave Camp of Florida wrote a letter to CMS Acting Administrator Charlene Frizzera stating, “CMS may be selectively and inappropriately using its regulatory powers”.

Tightly controlled and usually silent, even the NYT has an article about this. more here


~ by riffenberg on September 27, 2009.

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