Big Problems Giving Medicare For Anyone Over 55

Medicare 2010 Proposals

The Senate may be planning on voting for a Health Care Bill in the near future. Democrats met behind closed doors to wheel and deal to get Health care Legislation passed. No Republicans were invited. They were blocked from attending. The Dems. and Obama need 60 votes. This will not be the final vote, however. If this vote passes, (discussion of the health care bill)  there will be more additions and modifications to the bill. The govt. option could be included. Foreign citizens of other countries but not of this country but who reside here  illegally could be included. Another vote will ensue and the number needed for passage will only be 51 votes.

The proposed health care plan could cover  anyone without health insurance who was 55 years of age and over with Medicare. There are several problems with this plan.

  • Considering the cost of health care insurance, many or most private corporations will drop health insurance for employees and pensioners over 55. The penalty would be cheaper than providing health care coverage for seniors.
  • Obama plans to cut 1.3 billion from cancer and heart treatment for Medicare patients. Already Medicare denies more claims than private insurers.
  • The YEARLY added cost for social security payments would increase by about $1.6 billion dollars.
  • Medicare is already spending more money than it takes in. It is projected to be depleted of all funds by 2017. Doctors will have to be paid. Hospitals will have to be paid or there will not be any medical care. This would put an added burden on the program.
  • Individual Medicare premiums would be about $7600 per year. Would the premiums for the poor be subsidized? How much will that cost? Most people on Medicare pay extra for supplemental insurance. Medicare alone isn’t good enough.

~ by riffenberg on December 10, 2009.

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