Copenhagen Climate Summit: Blair says, forget the science of global warming. PROCEED!

On the heels of the  Climate Gate scandal, Tony Blair said yesterday, at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15).
if the science behind man-made global warming is incorrect we should continue on.

At the Copenhagen Climate Summit on global warming Blair said,
“It is said that the science around climate change is not as certain as its proponents allege. It doesn’t need to be. “Therefore, even purely as a matter of precaution, given the seriousness of the consequences if such a view is correct, and the time it will take for action to take effect, we should act. Not to do so would be grossly irresponsible.”
~ Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Copenhagen Climate Conference on global warming 2009

Oddly or coincidentally, Blair recently registered the on-line name, “Low Carbon Capital Fund.” in conjunction with his company,“Windrush Ventures Ltd”.

HOAX!!! If this was on the up and up we would be developing our natural gas reserves .The US has the largest supply of natural gas in the world. (enough for 350 years). This has never been about science or the climate. Now, science is forever suspect in my mind. The bankers have made as much money as they can off of the west and now they want to shift their focus on larger returns, the third world. The third world will give them another opportunity to print money, lend it out for interest and build factories etc. they can make money off of. Meanwhile they can tax the west to pay for everything. After they build up and destroy the third world , 40 years from now they will do it all over again. somewhere else.

Tony Blair,Arnold Swarnegger,2006 Climate Conference,California

Long Beach, California on August 2, 2006

At a roundtable Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Blair sign a pact  to by pass Former President Bush. Both agreed to collaborate between California and the UK  shared research on so-called global man-made warming.


~ by riffenberg on December 14, 2009.

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