Land Grab: The S.787 Clean Water Restoration Act

“this broadened federal authority would jeopardize the use of current technologies, such as cooling ponds, for the management and treatment of waste at electric generating facilities.”

S. 787 bill is in response to the 2006 Rapanos and the 2001 SWANCC Supreme Court decision which said  the EPA and the Corps of Engineers ( along with The US Fish and Wildlife Service (both are members of the UN created, IUCN ) could only regulate “Navigable waters”.

The original 1972 Clean Water Act  was meant to pertain to navigable waters but the govt. decided to broadly apply the bill to ” inconsequential drainage ditches or temporary puddles and even to completely dry land..

The Water Advocacy Coalition or WAC has more Reasons to oppose S.787.

“The S.787 will give unprecedented power of federal law over state laws for land use. This will give the  federal govt. the right to trespass on your land and determine how what and where you will use water on your land.

The S.787 will allow the federal govt. to annex any land  adjacent and land with “mudflats, sandflats, wetlands, sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes, natural ponds all tributaries of any of the above waters, and all impoundments of the forgoing.’,”stock tanks, irrigation pools water sheds,( ALL  land is on a watershed)  on private property. (any standing body of water)

If you are restricted from using a well or stream then you would probably find your land uninhabital which may be the point. The Federal govt. will use it’s full power and your taxes for enforcement. It is no surprise that the sponsor is Russ Finegold of Wisconsin and is supported by 24 Senators,all Democrats.

Take action; Call your representatives at 202-224-3121 and ask them to send you a copy of the bill.

Sponsors of the S.787 Clean Water Restoration Act

(Surprise, All Democrats)

Sen. Russell Feingold [D-WI] -sponsor

Barbara Boxer [D-CA]

Sherrod Brown [D-OH]

Maria Cantwell [D-WA]

Benjamin Cardin [D-MD]

Thomas Carper [D-DE]

Christopher Dodd [D-CT]

Richard Durbin [D-IL]

Kirsten Gillibrand [D-NY]

Edward Kaufman [D-DE]

John Kerry [D-MA]

Herbert Kohl [D-WI]

Frank Lautenberg [D-NJ]

Patrick Leahy [D-VT]

Carl Levin [D-MI]

Joseph Lieberman [I-CT]

Robert Menéndez [D-NJ]

Jeff Merkley [D-OR]

Patrick Leahy [D-VT]

Carl Levin [D-MI]

Joseph Lieberman [I-CT]

Robert Menéndez [D-NJ]

Jeff Merkley [D-OR]

John Reed [D-RI]

Bernard Sanders [I-VT]

Charles Schumer [D-NY]

Jeanne Shaheen [D-NH]

Debbie Ann Stabenow [D-MI]

Sheldon Whitehouse [D-RI]

Ron Wyden [D-OR]


~ by riffenberg on December 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Land Grab: The S.787 Clean Water Restoration Act”

  1. Gimme a break with the land grab business. We all live downstream and landowners have a responsibility to reduce pollution from their property.

  2. This bill has very little chance of passing. It has strong opposition from farmers all over,particulary in the west. Very intrusive bill!

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