Schumer Calls US Airways Flight Attendant,BITCH!

No doubt Chuck Schumer used taxpayers money to the fullest and flew first class. It must have really galled him when a flight attendant asked him to follow the rules like the other passengers on the flight and turn his cell phone off. After all, he was probably busy,looking for new ways to take her pension after he added numerous taxes to it. After all, he is a busy,important man.

He is so special and so important he felt the need to argue with the flight attendant and then boorishly called her BITCH!

So why is he so special? Everyone else was ready!

Chuck Shumer

Schumer will also get special treatment  and keep his own personal ,Cadillac health care plan. Meanwhile ,he’ll put the screws on the rest of the country to secure his election.

Two things:

  • Chuck Schumer needs sensitivity training.
  • He is smart challenged. You don’t argue with the cook. Doesn’t he know that? From now on he’ll never be sure what is or isn’t in his food or drink.

~ by riffenberg on December 16, 2009.

One Response to “Schumer Calls US Airways Flight Attendant,BITCH!”

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