Democrats want to cut 500 BILLION From Medicare to Pay for Health Care Bill

GovernmentCare’s War on Seniors

  • Democrats want to cut 500 BILLION From Medicare to Pay for the Health Care Bill

Despite giving 1.5 billion to Pakistan and awarding federal employees a 2% pay raise  in the last spending bill, Democrats and Obama are determined to stick it to the old and sick by gutting Medicare  with 500 BILLION in cuts despite a projected 30% increase in participants. John McCain did introduce an amendment to kill the cuts in Medicare but it was defeated 58 to 42. Two Democrats voted with the Republicans to eliminate the draconian cuts to Medicare.

According to the WSJ Democrats will pay for the Obamacare Health Bill with 500 billion dollars worth of cuts to Medicare. Gutting Medicare will insure health care rationing for seniors. Already in place for senior rationing is Ezekiel Emanuel’s, ( Rahm Emanuel’s brother)The Complete Lives System” which was successfully lobbied for and included in a former stimulus plan.

Before heading off in an entourage of private jets to Copenhagen the Dems. stuck the knife into the old men and women even further. They gave it a twist and froze S.S. for 2 years.

  • Social Security Cost of Living Raises For seniors have Been Suspended for Two Years

Then to make matters worse,

  • Obama Blocks the Importation of Prescription drugs from Canada.Update..

The senate voted down the amendment to allow cheaper prescription drugs from Canada by a vote of 51-48. 30 Democrats voted against the amendment
They also voted against an amendment that would require congress to have the same health care they are imposing on us

  • Obama overrides congress, cuts reimbursements for Medicare 2010 heart and cancer treatment.

According to Medicare 2010 will look a lot different. As of January 1, 2010, Obama will cut 40 to 60% in reimbursements for heart disease and  5% for cancer treatment in 2010 and snowballing to 30% by 2013.

Making this bad situation worse, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is also scheduled to cut physician-related Medicare payments for all physicians by an additional 21.2 percent effective Jan. 1.

Year after year we have heard from the Democrats on how the Republicans want to starve seniors and make them eat dog food. Well, it is all shaking out. The Dems. truly are the party of death. They successfully push and push abortion resulting  in the ending of 1.1 million U.S. babies lives a year either by curettage or suction and now they are on the march against old people,ready to assault them.

Former  radical leftist,David Horowitz was right when he said,

“Leftists are in fact the enemies and oppressors of women, children, gays, minorities and the poor.” David Horowitz


~ by riffenberg on December 17, 2009.

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