Endangered Species,The Pangolin, Rescued

Rescued: Destined for Dinner,The Endangered Pangolin

Protected by the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, 62 Pangolins were recovered on Dec.16th in Malaysia.  According to th The Star Newspaper, 31 were still alive.

The World Watch Institute stated, ” Pangolin researchers gathered earlier this month in Singapore and concluded that increased demand from China has led to “great declines” in pangolin populations across Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.” Indigenous to the jungles of Indonesia, the Pangolin is a mammal and a type of anteater. The area of it’s brain for problem solving is highly developed..

The Thiaden News of Bangkok reported yesterday, Malaysian authorities rescued 131 more Pangolins at a cemetery.


~ by riffenberg on December 20, 2009.

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