Alex Jones Calls For Boycott of Air travel

Airport Body Scanners are too invasive and the govt. does not have probable cause.

  1. The scanners would not have detected the type of explosives the Christmas day bomber was wearing..
  2. The naked body scanners could violate the Protection of Children Act 1978.
  3. Body scanners are dangerous and Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA.
  4. A person is more likely to be struck by a meteorite than to be involved in an airplane terrorist event. Until this we have had two events in 6 years and they always originate overseas,not here at our airports.
  5. Probable cause should  be established  before subjecting a citizen to essentially a  strip search.

Internet talk Radio and film documentary producer, Alex Jones at has called for a boycott of all airports . Some polls indicate up to 80% of the public are against the naked body scanners planned for airport security. I don’t know about you but can you stand to go to the airport anymore? It’s too uncomfortable to fly. The seats are too small and now they expect you to sit in your seat for the last hour with your hands in your lap. Forget it! The airlines are losing passengers. and…  Contrary to the grainy images shown by the govt., these scanners graphically show a persons genitalia, even the pores on a woman’s breast can be seen.

The Christmas Day Bomber,

  1. was on the UK watch list.
  2. didn’t have a passport.
  3. Had no luggage
  4. Had a one way ticket
  5. father warned the CIA
  6. Still he got on.


Reports are, govts. ordered these machines last year leading many to think the Christmas day bomber was a govt. sponsored operation, false flag, propaganda event.  States know,citizens will often forgo liberty and freedom and will submit to draconian searches for the sake of safety.  The opertive word is submit. Financila gains would be made by the heads of state in Europe, Chertofff, Ridge and others who have financial stakes in the companies that manufacture scanners.


~ by riffenberg on January 5, 2010.

One Response to “Alex Jones Calls For Boycott of Air travel”

  1. Alex, if you’re reading this, the above link is to a Meetup group I created. Please tell other people about it. It’s to carry out a massive, nationwide boycott to protest the TSA, just like you ordered.

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