US Health Care VS.France,UK,Canada

The best medical care in the world is in the US. 

  1. We have the longest life span.
  2. More is spent on testing and drugs. See the charts below for the numer of MRI and CT scans avail. in the US
  3. The wait time (effective rationing and many people die waiting) to see a doctor or to have surgery is less than it is in countries with socialized medicine.
  4. Survival rates for cancer are higher than Europe.
  5. Unlike parts of Europe there isn’t a cap on how much is spent for an indiv. or for treatment . In other words, health care isn’t rationed.
  6. NOW’s numbers for U.S. birthrate deaths are skewed.
Total Investment in Medical Facilities,US vs.Canada,U.K,France

CT Scans Per Million U.S.,Canada,U.K.,France

MRI's per million U.S.Vs.Canada,U.K.,France chart

MRI's per million U.S.Vs.Canada,U.K.,France

Surgeon Density US vs.Canada,U.K,France

~ by riffenberg on February 1, 2010.

15 Responses to “US Health Care VS.France,UK,Canada”

  1. What a bunch of crap

  2. Haha, what a silly way to argue this though. The fundamental criticism of the US health care system is that we spend way more than everyone else and yet are *not* the healthiest country in the world. (I’m not going to read the blog post you linked as your source, because that’s just not factually supported.) So we spend a ton of money. Yep. That’s the problem.

  3. Taxpayers don’t pay for it. The U.S. govt. doesn’t pay for it. The health care industry is just about the only industry we have. Spending a lot of money is the problem?? Dumb! Our cancer survial rates are the highest in the world. Our life span is the highest in the world. We don’t have to wait for testing or surgery. People from all over the world come here for medical help. Yes, they come from Canada and Europe. My lifetime cap on medical assistance was set by my insurance company at $5 million. I have any test I or my doctor wants and I can have the test generally the next day or within a week.

    • yes you do have to wait for surgery..its not instant lol..and if its so good why are thousands of Americans flooding into canada for health care? frauding our gouverment because your country wont help them..fact is if you dont have money you die..well not here..your number 1 at everything lol..try number 39..along with your education system.

      • Look you are lying and you are dumber than a box of rocks. No one goes from the US to Canada for medical care. NO-ONE! First of all Americans want to see REAL doctors, not nurse practitioners. ..Secondly Canada doesn’t have the same level of medical expertise or the medical centers like Johns Hopkins etc.
        I have lived here all of my life. I know you can’t comprehend this because it is so far removed from your reality but Yes, surgery is almost instant if you have a serious situation such as cancer or need heart surgery. If I went to the doctor tomorrow and he said you need open heart surgery now, he would schedule my surgery for TOMORROW, not next week, not in two months or a year.
        This very thing has happened to me and my husband. I was diagnosed with cancer one day and in the hospital the next being operated on by one of the top cancer surgeons in the country at one of the top hospitals. My husband went to the doctor,diagnosed and they put him in the hospital that night and was operated on the next day. I am not rich. I don’t know anyone who has not received medical care. NO ONE.
        BTW, my neighbors are from Canada and they say the medical system there is great if you have a cold or the flu but otherwise it’s terrible.

  4. The US definitely does not have anywhere near the greatest life expectancy. It’s somewhere around 30-40th in the world.

    Riffenberg has quoted a study that adjusts for “r the fact that the U.S. has a disproportionate number of individuals who die as the result of fatal injuries compared to the other wealthy nations of the world.”

    Apart from the issue that the above fact should really be a bit worrying for a US citizen, the adjusted data does not change the actual life expectancy of the US citizen, it is still exactly the same (relatively poor). What it does purport to do is essentially ask the question:

    “What would our life expectancy be if we did not fall over and murder ourselves so much?”

    However, the regression based adjustment factor used is a fudge and can’t actually tell us what would happen if this was the case. One can easily think of better ways of doing the analysis (such as actually removing the murdered people from the analysis), but these would have taken real effort and may not have supported the researchers hypothesis (has anyone done this?). The significant problems with the analysis method have been glossed over by those who either don’t understand them, or because it is convenient to ignore them.

    The point that low life expectancy can’t be solely blamed on a healthcare system is totally valid (socio-environmental factors such as being fat, lazy and eating badly are hugely important). At the same time, it should also be acknowledged that an important factor in socialised health care systems such as the NHS in the UK, is that they try to influence our lifestyles through education. With varying success!

    • Wikipedia is not a reliable source and not all people who die young are murdered but die in car accidents etc..

      • Karen, you’ve clearly not read or understood my post properly. My point is about the dubious statistical methods used. Another problem that keeps American people dying early is that they are (on average), way too fat and have bad diets. But the fact that they are too fat and have bad diets does not mean that they do not die earlier than people in other countries! They do. It just can’t all be blamed on the healthcare system, which is a point that I accept in my post. Indeed, the US healthcare system must have to try really hard to stop fat, unhealthy people dying.

        Wikipedia is pretty damn reliable for this kind of thing. However, if you’d like to point out the problems with the UN or WHO statistics that wikipedia provides, be my guest.

    • Look, it’s not so simple as a few stats and the stats are skewed for various reasons.. The method for determining life expectancy, infant mortality and crime stats. differs country by country.
      Infant mortality is included in life expectancy and stats for infant mortality in the US could be inflated by 40%. .
      The criteria used by each country for when a baby is born alive varies greatly country by country.
      The US counts every baby born as “alive” if the child breathes for one moment . We have more neonatal intensive care units than any other industrialized country in the world. We go to great lengths to save infant lives. A baby considered as born alive here is considered as never being alive in other countries and is not counted in the stats given to the UN..
      For example:
      Years ago the US News and World Report did an article on the subject and stated,
      “In Austria and Germany, fetal weight must be at least 500 grams (1 pound) to count as a live birth; in other parts of Europe, such as Switzerland, the fetus must be at least 30 centimeters (12 inches) long. In Belgium and France, births at less than 26 weeks of pregnancy are registered as lifeless. And some countries don’t reliably register babies who die within the first 24 hours of birth.” Health U.S. News & World Report Bernadine Healy M.D

      • That’s brilliant Karen. And quite typical. This is what you have done.

        1. In response to my argument that the US does not have the greatest life expectancy in the world via any reasonable statistical method, you make a claim that wikipedia is unreliable.
        2. I ask you to provide a reasoned argument as to why you make this claim for this particular case.
        3. You start talking about infant mortality, which I had not even mentioned. I look this up, and find it’s some kind of conservative campaigning cause, due to horror at people claiming that the US might not be the best country in the world for everything.

        This is a common, and frustrating method of debate, which is common when people want to try and mangle the facts to meet their political viewpoints.

        Let’s be as clear as I can. I DO NOT claim that the US’s relatively short life expectancy is due to bad health care. It is clearly multifactorial. Accidents, murders, healthcare, disease patterns etc will all play a role.

  5. […] 2002-2003. Riffenberg’s blog […]

    • What’s a common method of debate ferkan???

      If you are talking about the National Review,,,,, The US News and World Report was the first to do an article in their publication on the subject of skewed US mortality rates . It is not a conservative publication. It’s liberal . So what could have been the US News and World Report’s nefarious and dastardly motives for publishing such an article?

      Mortality rates are arrived at by various methods by different countries.. There is not a world-wide standard .. Therefore they can not be taken at face value .

      World-wide infant mortality rates and how these rates are arrived at is important. They are a large portion of mortality rate figures. Therefore , they ARE RELEVANT.

      The UN figures are skewed period, not just for the US.
      A little research reveals the other reasons and why stats should always be researched to get to the truth..

  6. the usa does not have the best health care in the world lmao…its ranked at 39th in the world right much money rich people spend dosent mean anything and the number of money hungry surgeons hanging around waiting for a meal dosent mean anything either…fact is your ranked 39th in the world…people die in your waiting rooms daily and are turned away by the tens of thousands with life threatening should check your ranking with the W.H.O. before you make false claims…another ignorant american..cant say im surprised.

    • Ten of thousand are not turned away from medical care. That’s another lie and you know it. On occasion someone may die in a waiting room or emergency room but they do in your country too. However deaths waiting for care in an emergency room is a rare event here, so rare it make the news when it does.

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