Leftist Haters, Hate Speech

Bill O'Reilly douch bag

Kill Bush
Man holding mock President Bush hanging in a noose

"Bush the only dope worth shooting"

Tweet to Michele Malkin

Kill Bush

Leftist Websight making fun of Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome Child
Dead hung teabagger held by hooded man

Leftists marchers, F*#^ The Troops,No Gods,No Country,No MastersKill Bush teashirtTweet hits Michelle Malkin’s desk Hang Sarah Palin high



~ by riffenberg on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Leftist Haters, Hate Speech”

  1. Good post!

  2. The “f– the troops” picture is from 2007, of an anarchist group that tried (and failed) to dominate a peace march. not 2010, not democrats or even liberals, but anarchists. liberals support strong government. anarchists support no government. these are opposites. (question: where does the “little as possible government” conservative movement sit on that scale? not next to the liberals!)

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