Unions Want Billions From Taxpayers

  Unions Want Higher Taxes to Support Them

In a time of deep recession, lawmakers in Illinois are resisting the tax hike proposed by the governor from taxpayers who are economically hurting. In response to the lawmakers reluctance protestors supported the governor and were bused on more than 300 rented buses. They were paid wages to attend the rally in Springfield, Illinois. Organized into a  group named “Responsible Budget Coalition”, the attendees were mostly members of the AFSCME Council 31, SEIU, the Illinois Education Association and the Illinois Federation of Teachers unions. Protestors, raised manufactured protest signs and shouted, “ Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes! Raise my taxes” in an effort to extract billions from the taxpayers of Illinois. Clearly, this is an act of extortion and the unions are threatening the loss of their support in November if the legislators don’t cough up the dough.

Teachers in Illinois are paid approx $10,000 more than the average teacher in the U.S..
Bureau of Labor http://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes252021.htm

They don’t produce the highest results.  http://www.alec.org/am/pdf/education/2008_report_card/illinois08.pdf


~ by riffenberg on April 22, 2010.

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