Free & Reduced Health Care in the US

Free and Reduced Medical Care in the U.S.

Just so you know:

The number for the uninsured comes from the Census Bureau and the Census counts everyone at a residence, including illegal immigrants and foreign students who have health insurance in their own country. They can still receive free health care at a clinic or at a hospital. Over 300 hospitals in the US will provide free health care as needed. The city of Atlanta has over 32 free clinics.

I pay more for my insurance than just about anyone I know. I have had two types of cancer. My insurance will cover my expenses up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000,000. I pay a $300.00 a month for health insurance. That includes dental. That would include eye surgery for glaucoma and cataracts but not for my eye exam or glasses. I get two dental check-ups and cleanings with no co-pay twice a year. My doctor co-pay is $35.00 and $50.00 for a specialist.

Below is a partial list of free and reduced services.

  • At least 30 states give prescription drugs to those without insurance 
  • Pharmaceutical companies pay for those who cannot afford medication.
  • Free and low cost medication from 42 companies
  • 300 health care facilities nationwide are obligated to provide free or reduced-cost care at nursing homes and hospitals.
  • There are free clinics all over the country. Atlanta (proper) Georgia has at least 32 clinics. That does not include the surrounding cities and counties.
  • Social Security Disibility (SSI)” is a program financed through general revenues.  SSI disability benefits are payable to adults or children who are disabled or blind, have limited income and resources, meet the living arrangement requirements and are otherwise eligible.  The monthly payment varies up to the maximum federal benefit rate, which may be supplemented by the state or decreased by countable income and resources.”


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