Biometric ID Cards In Immigration Bill

Immigration Reform will hand new expanded powers to Mexico and to the following far left organizations; La Raza, ACLU, MALDEF, and League of United Latin American Citizens.(not citizens of U.S. but of Latin America.

For quite awhile,Lindsey Graham has been paling with Dems.   He is particularly friendly with Rahm Emanuel who has made millions in politics.  Included in the bi-partisan Immigration Bill  proposed by S.C. Lindsey Graham/R  and N.Y. Chuck Schumer/D is a national, Social Security ID. card.  Anyone with a job in the U.S. would be required to carry a Biometric S.S., ID.card.  The card would carry a sample of a person’s DNA or their fingerprint.  

Blogger 24.ahead covers the subject of immigration reform and brings up these important points: 

New Powers and Authority given to;


~ by riffenberg on April 27, 2010.

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