Health Care Bill Will Extend Health Care To U.S. Territories With Medicare Cuts

Thanks to the radical LULAC for the following information.

The half trillion dollar cuts in Medicare will help pay for health care coverage for the citizens of Guam, Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands. 

  •  They will receive up to 8.6 billion in  Medicaid funding, over nine years. 
  •  In addition, Puerto Rico will receive $1 billion in subsidies for low income Puerto Ricans unable to pay for their health care premium.
  • Unlike the states the territories will have greater leeway in the distribution or use of the funds donated by U.S. taxpayers.

Very few residents of these territories pay a U.S. federal income tax. Any federal tax collected is sent back to the territories, in total. 

** “Although Puerto Ricans do not pay Federal taxes on income received from island sources, they do pay customs taxes paid to the Federal treasury but these revenues are returned to the Commonwealth”

Other goodies include,

  • “Starting in fiscal year 2011, the Medicaid Cap will increase to approximately $24 million.
  • For fiscal year 2012, the Medicaid cap will receive a 182% increase to $42 million
  • and increases will continue until fiscal year 2019 when Guam’s Medicaid funding will be roughly $58,000,000. 
  • Further, the overall federal share of health care costs will be increased”

~ by riffenberg on April 27, 2010.

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