Snookered Again! Vote Tomorrow For 51st State. Puerto Rico

Apparently, the naïve Republicans did just get off the turnip truck. The Dems. outmaneuver them at every turn.  Tomorrow there will be a vote on house bill ,HR.2499, ” Puerto Rico Democracy Act”. 

The HR.2499, Puerto Rico Democracy Act has 58 Republican co-sponsors.  The ultimate goal is to make Puerto Rico, the 51st state.  With only 34% of their population voting in the affirmative, Puerto Rico could become our 51st state.  This would result  in 2 additional Senate seats and 6 additional house seats for the Democrats.  The Dems. could go on and make 6 other territories states for a total of 57.

This has been in the works as part of the Progressive Party’s platform, since 2008.

More about how this will affect us, at, “We Surround Rochester”


~ by riffenberg on April 28, 2010.

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