Sebelius Declares H1N1 a Pandemic Thru Feb.2011

  •  H1N1 declared a pandemic through 2/28/2011
  • H1N1 vaccine will be combined with regular flu shot this fall
  • vaccine makers immune from prosecution
  • everyone above the age of 6 months will be encouraged to take the shot

Kathleen Sebelius, US Secretary of Health and Human Services has declared a H1N1 pandemic through February 28th,2011 .     The H1N1,sometimes called the swine flu, will be combined with the regular flu shot  It will be administered to everyone over 6yrs of age.  Sebelius signed papers last summer making the manufacturesrs of the H1N1 virus flu vaccine immune to any legal action in the U.S.A.


~ by riffenberg on April 29, 2010.

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