Criminals in Washington Want to Investigate Beck

I say,
Investigate Weiner. 

Anthony Weiner Democrat

Why would Anthony Weiner want to investigate Beck?   Well, Beck is definitely a threat.  He reveals what the criminals are doing and they don’t want us to know what they are doing.  Except for a few articles here and there, most of the press is silent.   5 million people   nightly, listen to Beck’s Fox program.  9 million, listen to Beck’s morning radio show.  That’s quite a threat to them.  Beck talks too much.  but……………….Beck isn’t backing down.  He is still exercising his first amendment right.   He is not intimidated,

  Another reason might be, Slimy Weiner’s campaign finances. He got  $92,750 from Wall Street.  He’s looking out for his buddies.    In an editorial, “The Price of a Weiner”.   The New York Post  asked, “who owns Weiner?”  Interesting question.  Well,who does own Weiner?  Many thanks to the Post for digging out the answers from, The Federal Election Commission .  The Post, established Wall Street owns Tony.  Then there are the unions.  They gave Tony, $631,000.  They must own him too.    

Weiner has been fined several times by the FEC.

The FEC fined Weiner, $47,000  for financial misconduct  in one of his re-election campaigns.
He was also fined  $28,000 for a loan given by his parents to a campaign committee.


Weiner, received cash from a bunch of models for his campaign.  He later tried to have the number of visas increased to 1,000 for models with his bill, H1-B.


~ by riffenberg on May 19, 2010.

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