Evil Sebelius Supports Medicare Rationing

“The decision is not whether or not we will ration care–the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.” –Berwick 

Berwick, the newest member of Obama’s, Little House of Horrors has been appointed to head the CMS

The CMS, is the US federal agency responsible for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, administration of services.  Good luck on that one folks. 

CNS  is correct.  Berwick’s appointment only confirms Obama’s intent to ration health care. After all- what do you expect?  Resources for healthcare have been allocated elsewhere. Resources are limited.  Berwick says so.  Berwick’s comments on the redistribution of wealth are hair raising. 

The state will decide.  

In case you haven’t noticed cronyism abounds in this far from transparent administration. Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ezekiel, who authored “The Complete Lives System” was able to have included in last January’s stimulus bill,  $787 BILLION for “The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Health Care” to implement Ezekiel’s ‘Complete Lives System”.   This council fits in very well with Berwicks philosophy.  We will have rationing and it will be selective.  

Berwick has made numerous incredulous remarks.  He has praised Great Britain’s health care ,despite the facts. The UK has one of the  worse health care systems in the western world.  

Sebelius Praised Berwick

 First of all it’s ludicrous Sebelius was ever appointed by Obama to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services Department. 
She was a best friend with late term abortion provider George Tiller.  Tiller admitted, on tape, to thunderous applause, at a NEA meeting, his performance of  violent, late term abortions the day before due dates.  The infamous and now dead Tiller was indicted on 19 counts for late term abortions in Kansas.  Numerous women testified to the horrific procedures.  Testimonies of late term abortion cruelty  

He was great friends with Sebelius. 

 If you are thinking of asking the Secretary of Health and Human Services Department for help, well be ready to cough up the dough.. 

Tiller gave $38,000 for starters to Sebelius’s campaign and $200,000 to the  Democratic Govs. Assoc. 

Sebelius gratefully gave a party at the governor’s mansion in Kansas for Tiller and his staff. 

  When asked, for a response to Berwick’s musings, Tax evader, and later term abortion supporter, Cruella de Ville, Kathleen Sebelius, responded with a lengthy amount of praise for him.  Her subjects, unsatisfied with her non-answer defiantly pressed again for an answer.  Sebelius, obviously perturbed with her subject’s persistence, coldly responded with, “You have my answer”. 

Cruells De Ville alias Kathleen Sebelius


  After all Sebelius, as governor of Kansas vetoed a law that would have outlawed late term abortion in Kansas.  What else would be expected of Cruella de Ville?  She eats puppies for heavens sake.  What’s a baby torn apart here and there?  Oh and then there was the, “I overlooked paying some of my taxes so I’ll just pony up the $7,000 “,incident. 

 Sebelius has revealed her character.  She doesn’t mind gruesomely killing nearly born children and she doesn’t pay her fair share of taxes unless forced to.   

Tax Cheat Sebelius


~ by riffenberg on May 30, 2010.

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