What Glenn Beck Said This Morning

Glenn Beck goes to great lengths to ridicule conspiracies.  However,on the radio, this morning he came close to saying the world’s events aren’t accidental.  Here are a few things he said.

  • This morning Beck said pray in the morning,pray at noon and pray in the evening. Get ready!  Get everything bad out of your soul. 
  •  The uber rich only get to that point if they play along.  Everyone with political power is hand-picked.
  • Except for the very wealthy, our wealth will dissipate and go to others.  The very rich will get richer.
  • We have an oil spill in the gulf, it’s summer and we are about to go to war with Korea and the middle east.  Oil futures are down.  Futures should be up.  They aren’t.  Why?   Because, the world is getting ready to change dramatically.  The demand for oil will substantially decrease. 
  • Get ready but remember God will not forsake us.
  • Korea isn’t going along.   
  •  We are living an illusion,the time of profound change is upon us.  It’s only a matter of time before the smoke dissipates and you see where you are standing.  There is only deception going on now.  The time for trips to the mall and lunches is over.  This is all a set up.  Our way of life and the future of the world is being set up.   Everything we are seeing is a lie, a deception.   Politicians don’t care if they are re-elected.  They’ll be taken care of.
  • He talked about Germany and their death camps etc. and how it happened.

~ by riffenberg on June 2, 2010.

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