Dems’ Bailout Bill Grants Unelected Bureaucrats Power To Seize Businesses,Destroy Jobs

DEMS bailout bill will stick it to taxpayers. 

The Financial Reform Bill Will pay off political favors Dems owe.

That’s the point!  As a former employee of Goldman Sachs, Erin Burnette of  CNBC  promoted this bill  this morning.  Needless to say she is probably protecting her buddies and maybe her job.  After all Goldman’s CEO stated in a congressional hearing he supports the Dems finance bill.   Goldman Sachs contributed hughely to the Democrats in the 2008 election.  Unelected bureaucrats will  be able to dismantle private businesses for a hosts of reasons thereby destroying jobs, pensions and shareholder stakes in the companies. Corporations and shareholders will no longer have the benefit of a bankruptcy court.  Political foes could be targeted.  Corporations not supporting a certain party in power could be targeted.  Oval office extortion.

The biggest winner, The Federal Reserve


~ by riffenberg on June 11, 2010.

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