Reason For Cap and Trade, Steal USA’s Wealth

Under my plan, the “Cap and Trade System” electricity rates would necessarily sky rocket” Obama interview, San Francisco Chronicle, January 2008

That’s the Point!  Steal our wealth.  Transfer it. 
Made up science  is the excuse for legislation that if passed, will force citizens to use less energy.  The Clean Air Act effectively cleaned up the air and thus radicals needed a new bogeyman, carbon dioxide.

Gulf Spill will be an excuse for Obama’s Socialization of America and the Climate Bill

All manufacturing will be off shore.  Cows won’t be allowed.  They are too gasey and need too much land.  Citizens will pay a tax for nothing.  Obama proposes smart grids, and “home area networks”. “Home area networks”, meaning a bureaucrat can turn down your air conditioning on a hot summer day if you have too many appliances on at once.  You won’t decide.  The state will decide and the state will have total control.  The price of goods and services will skyrocket.
Now that health care has passed this is another nail in the coffin, Obama has prepared for us.

Obama pushes new national tax on energy


~ by riffenberg on June 15, 2010.

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