Why Leftists Demean Women

Progressives still do it today.  In the past, the SDS, Eldridge Cleaver did it . Why? To Dominate, Control and Frighten women. Women were not welcome as equals in the anti-war movement or the civil rights movement. They were there to fetch and for sex. 

In fairness, Cleaver did change and regretted his actions.  I still say,a little late.  Maybe he was able to make up for some of the damage he did. 
………….Today, radicals,progressives,liberals and leftists coddle Islam even though they know women are treated as less than human. more  about this from recovering liberal  Robin at American Thinker.

…………. Here’s the thing ladies, don’t bite, frighten back.  Don’t let them see you squirm.  Use their tactics on them.

~ by riffenberg on June 16, 2010.

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