NAACP Unethical Shenanigans With Breitbart

NAACP once again shown to be devious and unethical

Breitbart on Mike Gallagher’s radio show  today made some good points.  The NAACP and the left are using this incident to rout out conservative commentators and opinions.  He said its their goal and a typical tactic to use situations to marginalize opponents.  Once again he pointed out the hypocrisy of the NAACP and their condonement of racism in their own ranks.  Meanwhile the NAACP rails about unsubtantiated so called radcist elements in the teaparty.  Well now there is proof there is racism in the NAACP.

The NCAAP condemns Breitbart for condemning Sherrod.  Breitbart never condemned Sherrod.  He never called for her job either.  Breitbart isn’t that dumb. But……………the NAACP sure did without checking out the facts and without the full story.  Breitbart was highlighting the response of the NAACP crowd and the hypocrisy of the NAACP for not calling the crowd out for racism against whites. The  NAACP  repudiates the Teaparty Patriot  movement with unsustantiated claims of racism yet ignores racism in their own organization. After all, what would have happened if a white conservative or Republican made such comments about blacks 24 years ago?  Would they have received any leeway?  You can bet they wouldn’t have.


~ by riffenberg on July 21, 2010.

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