Unemployment rate hits 10.3% for Georgians

Georgia exceeds the national unemployment rate of 9.5%                                    


Next to California,Georgia has lost the most jobs,

  56,600, in one year.

 The Georgia department of labor has stated the  preliminary unadjusted unemployment rate for June rose to 10.3%, up from 9.8% in May. The number of unemployed has increased by 12,568,inceasing the number of unemployed from 260,837 to 273,405. The un-employment rate for the Atlanta metro area is 10.2%. 

Thanks to the Cherokee Tribune for the following figures.
The rates are; Bartow at 11.2 percent, Clayton at 12.3 percent, Cobb at 10 percent, DeKalb at 10.5 percent, Douglas at 11.1 percent, Fulton at 10.8 percent, Gwinnett at 9.3 percent, Henry at 10.4 percent, Paulding at 10.9 percent and Rockdale at 11.2 percent. 

Albany Georgia increased to 11%,up from 10.4%
Athens 7.9% from 7.3% 

Read more: Cherokee Tribune – Unemployment s downward trend ends 

Un-employment equals’ lower revenue for states to operate on. Congress has not appropriated promised stimulus money to the state.   Therefore,governor Perdue is forced to cut funding to parks, universities, health care and prisons by 4% .  This will save Georgia 25 million a month.


~ by riffenberg on July 25, 2010.

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