John Kerry Buys 7 Million Dollar Yacht From New Zealand

had New Zealand build the 7 million dollar boat 

Apparently the elite boat builders in Maine and Mass. are too pedestrian for Kerry.  You know those pesky taxes, the likes of Kerry instill for the rest of us saps?  Well, Rhode Island doesn’t tax boats.   Kerry docked his boat in Rhode Island and was able to skirt over $500,000 in Mass. taxes.   The unemployment rate in most of New England is over 8% .  Kerry could have kept a lot of unemployed off the unemployment rolls and saved tax payers a lot of money. It would have taken months or even a year or so to build that boat.  If  he had bought his boat from an esteemed New England boat builder he  could have single-handedly boosted the GDP of some small New England town for a year.


~ by riffenberg on August 2, 2010.

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