I’ve heard it said that reporters will claim a dog attack was the result of a pit bull in order to get the sensation needed to get their stories published and I believe it.


The following story gives a different perspective to this most maligned breed.     

 Even though the most decorated dog in history was a Pitbull, Pitbulls along with Rottweilers, Chows and wolf mix breeds have been banned from all military base housing.          

Attending combat training at Yale Univ., Private J. Robert Conroy found a brindled puppy and named him Stubby for his short tail.  Stubby learned to respond to the bugle call, and would put his right paw to his right eyebrow when another soldier would salute him. After training Conroy smuggled Stubby aboard a transport truck , train and finally the  S.S. Minnesota docked at Newport news, Virginia.  He was hidden in the ship’s coal bin. Once at sea, he was released on deck.         

Noting Stubbys salute Conroy’s commanding officer allowed him to proceed to the front lines in France with Conroy.         

 Even though Stubby was 22 inches at the shoulder he served in 17 battles and 4 offensives. He was wounded by a grenade and exposure to chlorine gas released by the Germans on the troops.   Stubby was taken to a Red Cross field hospital . When he was able, he moved about the hospital,improving morale and charming his fellow patients, the soldiers.
Stubby had a new sensitivity to gas after he was wounded . He was able to smell the gas long before the soldiers could.  He  warned sleeping soldiers of gas attacks by racing through camps, barking and biting at the soldier’s  boots. As soon as he warned every soldier , Stubby removed himself from the vicinity so he would not incur further injury.      


The commander of the 102nd Infantry promoted Stubby to sergeant after he captured a  German spy who was mapping positions.  Stubby spotted the spy skulking in the brush. The spy called to Stubby but Stubby knew he was up to no-good.  He held the prisoner, barking and biting at the man’s heels and legs. Troops arrived and relieved him of his position.         

 Stubby could tell the difference between the enemy and U.S. soldiers.  Upon hearing wounded soldiers in “no-man’s land” (the trenches between us and enemy troops) speaking English, he went to them, guarded them and led paramedics to them.
In Paris France, Stubby saved a little girl from being run over by a car.         

 After the war, Stubby was once again smuggled aboard another ship and returned to the U.S. He was a guest at the white house and met presidents, Wilson, Harding and Coolidge. The Grand Hotel Majestic in New York City lifted their ban on dogs and allowed Stubby to stay at their hotel when he was en-route to the white house.         

Like all soldiers, Stubby dog tags were made especially for him and Stubby received awards and medals,lots of them.         

Stubby’s Medals;          

  1. 3 Service Stripes
  2. Yankee Division YD Patch
  3. French Medal Battle of Verdun
  4. 1st Annual American Legion Convention Medal Minneapolis, Minnesota Nov 1919
  5. New Haven WWI Veterans Medal
  6. Republic of France Grande War Medal
  7. St Mihiel Campaign Medal
  8. Purple Heart
  9. Chateau Thierry Campaign Medal 
  10. 6th Annual American Legion Convention

    Sgt. Stubby With Medals


He became the mascot for Georgetown’s football team.  During half-time he would nudge a football around the field, delighting the crowd.         

Stubby’s remains are at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington,D.C.

More PIT Heroes>>>…14171.18671.0.18968.…0.0.NSCnrhCkN6I 









~ by riffenberg on September 26, 2010.


  1. they need to make a film about this pit bull.the bread needs it

  2. Amazing ! We need more stories like this about how wonderful Pitts can be.

  3. Read about Stubby, the most decorated military dog in history ! He’s also a Pittbull. He saved many lives.

  4. It is a disgrace that pit bulls are banned on military bases. Once again, they are punishing the breed for something it can’t control; stupid owners. There a millions of responsible owners out there.

  5. we need more stories like this out there for people to realize how great of a breed pits are.Any dog can be vicious if trained to be or neglected.But its the good owners the responsible ones that make great breeds shine such as the pitbull.

  6. Its about time people understand this awesome breed more deeply. They have been hero’s for a long time now.

  7. Wow what an amazing story it brought me to tears, i agree with gary a movie is a must someone needs to promote this for pit bulls everywhere as we are there voice.

  8. I agree with Gary a movie would be awesome! Also how do we go about putting pressure on our military to not only lift the ban on pit bulls but to encourage their use in the service. They are one of the smartest and most loyal dog I’ve ever known.

  9. It is amazing to me that soldiers can go off fight and die for their country but don’t have the basic right to property that civilians do. The same civilians that only have those rights because of our soldiers. When my husband deployed to Kuwait our son was about 7, he really wanted a puppy and I knew part of that was because he missed his dad. It so happened we knew some people that we Pitt owners who had just had puppies but the mom died during labor. We adopted one of the dogs and we lived on post. About 5 years later housing became privitized and we were told we either had to get rid of our dog or move off post. We fought it and even explained how the state of VA does not consider any breed viscious. There is a criteria that has to be met and a clear pattern of aggression. The sad part was that the military, JAG, sided with Clark Pinnacle, they were the company that took over housing. In the end we opted to buy a house and move off post. What I can’t believe, to this day, is that they were asking us to get rid of our animal like he was trash and not something that helped our son cope thru so many of his fathers absences and was a true member of our family… sorry for such the long post but though is still active duty I must say I lost some of my loyalty towards the military that day.

  10. I don’t get this. Stubby was a legitimate war hero!! This is just shameful!!
    I would like to know who is directly responsible for this ban.
    ~Robyn Cloke

  11. This breed of dog is a hero not a killer. People get smart it is the people who trained certain pitt bull to be mean it’s not their breed. BAND those type of people not the animal. They are a loving dog I would have my children and Grandchrildren around them in a second, it’s the owner you have to be scared of not the dog.

  12. Great dogs, love them!

  13. Something has got to be done about the bad rep of these wonderful dogs. Maybe, just maybe a movie about Stubby would help bring them into a more truthful light….I VOTE FOR A MOVIE~

  14. Something has got to be done about the bad rep of these wonderful dogs. Maybe, just maybe a movie about Stubby would help bring them into a more truthful light….I VOTE FOR A MOVIe!

  15. Well…….I guess it would be great if pit bulls stay banned from military places…apparently many of them are not so bright, or they could train these dogs to be wonderful companions! Bully breeders UNITE! Don’t sell your puppies or dogs to bean-brained folks, they are gonna cause you so much grief! Be picky about who you give dogs to, we can save this breed with lots of work!!!

  16. Sixshibas: excuse me? “some of them are not very bright?” like there aren’t a whole bunch of civilian people who ” aren’t very bright?” should we say oh well guess it’s better that they are banned because of that? We need to fight ALL bans and do not accept a ban for certain people because you think they “aren’t very bright”! Sounds to me like YOU ARENT VERY BRIGHT EITHER!

  17. Weren’t you ever taught not to judge a book by it’s cover? Maybe you should get to know people and not judge an entire group by the actions of a few! That’s what we are fighting against for the pit bulls with this beautiful story and you want to throw in some ignorant comment about people in the military….. You have some nerve! It’s people with those same judgemental attitudes that helped get pit bulls banned in the first place!

  18. I think a historical type movie would be perfect and I mesn foe the big screen using top actors cto bring in huge crowdsof people. It must be entirely based on Stubby and the war and all that he did for the war effort and the emotional wellbeing for the men who were on the front lines and in the trenches. I can picture it all in my head. what actors to use , the telling of ww1 and the most important Stubby’s story. Get the bad rap off of these dogs. something big has to hapen and I think this could be a great beginning. Lavene Clark on Facebook.

  19. My daughter is the owner of two female pits, mother and daughter. They are very loyal loving dogs. I agree that it is the owners that we need to worry about not the dogs. A movie should be made of Stubby, it would be good to show people how wonderful he was. Might help to change peoples minds as to how the breed really is.


  20. The beautiful truth about these beautiful amazing dogs must be spread like wildfire! God Bless Stubby, an American Hero!!

  21. they are amazing and intelligent dogs, faithfull and loyal till the end. this story makes me cry….i love pitties, every single last one of them.

  22. They’ve always been great dogs, people are the propblem

  23. I live on a 40 acre farm. I have a 4 1/2 old pitt. He is amazing and the most loyal dog I have ever owned. we have a pond that the children swim in and he goes with them everytime to watch over them. If one leaves his sight even a second, he is right there looking for them. they cross the street or go in the woods he is there. the kids went camping in the back yard for the first time alone and Tyson(thats his name) stayed with them untill they were all asleep. He romes completely free and loves hanging out with goats, sheep, pigs, cows, etc. Every one in town comes to tell me how wonderful he is. When I heard this story I was amazed…seeing how wonderful a pitt can be and the fact that it is proven in OUR very own history and yet people feel the way they do blows my mind.

    • Thank-you so much for your beautiful testimony about pits. At one time, perhaps the twenties they were the most popular breed in America.

  24. This really opened my eyes, I really love all dogs as long as they are good with kids. I’m a marine and it kills me to hear things like they banning heroic dogs.

  25. I like what you guys are up too. This kind of clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the good works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.


  27. For the record, APBT’s were used as “nanny” dogs in England as in the “one” in charge of infant-toddler oversight while parents worked the farm-Helen Keller owned an ABPT, the RCA dog was an APBT so was the dog from “Spanky and Our Gang”-The sheer fact that abusive owners, morally egregious dog fighting and BSL label this American breed as anything other than heroic, loyal, caring and trustworthy is an unadulterated shame…I am a Vet Assistant, APBT advocate, educator and volunteer-oh, I also foster and adopt the cutie pies who are sleeping under foot as I write.
    ADOPT-FOSTER-DONATE-VOLUNTEER because only 1 in 500 makes it off the killing table alive…

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