Forget the rumors of the numerous weekend parties and Obama campaigning for his party on our dollar,Obama now, will travel large to India, the first stop of his 10 day tour to Asia.  Like emperors of old his entourage will include 3,000 people,40 airplanes and two jumbo jets flanked by security aircraft . Obama will fly on Air Force One.  570  hotel rooms are booked at the Taj Mahal hotel.  The whole entire Taj Mahal Hotel will be off-limits to the public.  In addition,125 rooms are reserved at the 5 star Taj President and 90 rooms each in Oberoi and Grand Hyatt have been reserved.  All are 5 star hotels.  Obama’s personal chef will be traveling with him for special requests.  The trip will cost taxpayers $200 MILLION DOLLARS ++++ A DAY.  6 armored cars along with a convoy of 45 cars will follow the president.  He will travel in a black Cadillac called the “Barack Mobile”.  The Barack Mobile will be able to withstand chemical or germ warfare,will have a communications center and will have “US nuke launch codes and the nuclear switch for the president.”  30 sniffer dogs will be on hand.  Three Marine One choppers will be flown to India and reassembled in India to ferry Obama,Michelle and their two girls around.  34 U.S. Naval ships have been re-positioned and will be on guard in the Indian ocean.







~ by riffenberg on November 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “OBAMA INDIA TRIP 200+ MILLION A DAY”

  1. Hi, I used your post to make this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCxRarFgzro

    The title is India on 200 Million Dollars a Day by the Obamas.

    I just read on Drudge about a massive exterior tunnel that will be erected for their visit to the Gandhi museum. Sweet irony!

  2. So, they spend 200 million dollars A DAY?

    Whatever, it is nonsense. The “war on terror’ may not cost as much per day and involves mobilizing thousands of troops and equipment.

    I am quite sure that if he spent that we can find out looking in the same place where Bush hid the war on terror expenses: off-budget

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