S.3813 “Renewable Electricity Standards”  


Another bill by a Democrat that will make fees or taxes go up.   Another way to lower the standard of living in America.  What else is new?  This one will make it costlier to heat or cool your home to read a book, take a hot shower or bath.  All of this when the dollar is losing it’s value rapidly,inflation is increasing and Americans are  losing their homes or can’t find unemployment.

Introduced by Jeff Bingaman, Democrat from the state of New Mexico. 

Bill S.3813|/bss/|

Co-sponsors: 4 Republicans and 28 Democrats


Charles Grassley/Ia.
Samuel Brownback/Ks.
Susan Collins/Me.
John Ensign/Nv.

Alaka Daniel/Hi, 
Mark Begich/Ak.,
Michael Bennet/Co. 
Burris Roland/Il.
Maria Cantwell/Wa. 
Benjamin Cardin/Md. 
Diane Fienstein/Ca.
Al Frankin/Mn.
Thomas Harkin/Ia. 
Tim Johnson/Sd. 
Edward Kaufman/De. 
John Kerry/Ma.
Joseph Liberman/Ct. 
Claire McCaskill/Mo.
Barbara Mikulski/Md. 
Patty Murray/Wa.
Harry Reid/Nv. 
Debbie Ann Stabenow/Mi. 
Mark Udall/Co.
Ron Wyden/Or.  
Kirsten Gillibrand/N.Y. 
Chris Dodd/Ct.
Bryan Dorgan/N.D.
Richard Durbin/Il.
Charles Schumer/N.Y. 
John Tester/Mt.
Tom Udall/N.M.
Jeanne Shaheen/N.H.  
The following is from ,

“On  September 21, 2010, US Senator Bingaman (D-NM) introduced a bill1 that would create an insidious national “Renewable Electricity Standard” (RES). Bingaman now has 32 cosponsors but expects 60. The bill would result in higher monthly bills for millions of home owners and renters, farms, businesses, industries, hospitals, educational institutions, and any other organization that uses electricity. 

Despite the intense citizen displeasure with Congress, Bingaman’s RES bill shows that both Democrats and Republicans, while in Washington, are eager to favor special interests and their lobbyists while ignoring the adverse impact of their actions on the nation’s ordinary citizens, consumers and taxpayers. The bill belies Republican claims that they favor less federal government intrusion, control, and damage.”



~ by riffenberg on November 11, 2010.

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