The underwear bomber originated in another country. The cargo bombs originated in Yemen.. There are no crotch grab security checks anywhere, but in America. The naked, scatter screener will not show small amounts of explosives. Richard Reed would have passed right through it. While, 8 year old Amy is being molested and your 80+ granny is being humiliated the terrorists are planting bombs in a foreign city or boarding in a foreign city with explosives on them. They could use dogs but then no-one would  makes billions outfitting airports with these flawed machines. If the govt. gets away with this then expect in the future, crotch searches at malls, sporting events etc.,.  Expect it by the police,on the street when there is a terror alert in your community.  Walk away and you will be arrested and fined because you did not willingly submit. The sheer arrogance,the in your face attitude, the you VILL accept anything is too much. This in your face attitude has been the modus operandi of this entire administration

~ by riffenberg on November 21, 2010.

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