Georgia Snow Puts Most of the State in Lockdown

Ice, Snow, Atlanta

Well, we have been stuck in our home since Sunday night.  At 8:15 PM everything was fine. By 9:00 it was a winter wonderland.  That’s unusual for Atlanta.  Usually it will snow all night and we will end up with an inch of snow.  It’s usually gone by 3 pm the next day. According to my rain gauge  we got about 7 inches of snow here in Alpharetta Sunday night.  It was followed by some freezing rain and relentless low temps.  We haven’t received any mail since Saturday. 

 The U.S. P.O. was at a standstill and workers did not show up for work until today.  Ditto for UPS and Fed Ex.  No deliveries at my house!  Limited deliveries started today.  Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza were closed on Mon. and Tues. and may still be.  So are most grocery stores. 

D.O.T. Can’t Cope

The D.O.T. focused on the interstate highways.  Many roads, such as Piedmont and Peachtree  pass through the heart of Atlanta and are state roads. They are maintained by the state.  Therefore, the city of Atlanta did not clear these roads.  Businesses,schools and the govt. could not operate.  Still, city schools in Atlanta are closed tomorrow.  Finally on Tuesday, the city of Atlanta contracted with private companies.  Private companies were better equipped to clear the roads and were more efficient.  Three days after the storm many city roads were still impassable.  Some govt. offices across the state opened late. Some still are not open.

Shortage of Kerosene Heaters,Supplies

We held our breath and hoped we would not get over 1/4″ of freezing rain which would probably have cause power outages.  Thank goodness, we didn’t. I looked for a kerosene heater before the storm hit and there was not one for sale in the whole town.  I won’t go through that worry again.  Next time we’ll have a lantern and a heater so if the ice does take the power down we will be nice and toasty and we’ll have light.  The grocery stores that have opened have almost run out of food because they haven’t had any food deliveries.  All perishables are gone in the grocery stores.  A lot of people are running out of food at their homes.  

Most counties haven’t had school since last Friday.  Even  the city schools will still be out tomorrow.  Georgia roads are so hilly and that makes it all the harder to traverse and to clear.  They did get most of  the interstates cleared yesterday.  All transportation but rail was halted and then only limited service.  People stranded at the Greyhound bus station slept on the floor for days.  They complained of no food service at the bus station. Tractor trailers were jackknifed and wrecked everywhere.  Forget about getting your car towed.  I’ve been told wreckers are only responding to emergencies.


~ by riffenberg on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “Georgia Snow Puts Most of the State in Lockdown”

  1. Many hourly wage workers have lost a substantial portion of their monthly income because they could not get to work even though they wanted to. Mass transit shut down and the streets were impassable.The reccession has put them on the brink and this could send many of them over the brink.

    It is unbelievable and unforgivable that our political leaders and municipal managers could not handle the situation. I would like to ask the following questions:
    Isn’t it your high paying job to keep the city running? HUH?
    I watched the news and knew this was coming, why didn’t you? Just go to the grocery store and watch everyone stock up, that would have been a BIG CLUE for you.
    Did you forget that your constituants are hourly wage earners or are you just interested in your monied friends? MONEY TALKS,RIGHT?
    Did you graduate from a Georgia school because you seem to NOT understand the simple science of snow melting into ice then freezing over which increases the difficulty in removing ice. DUH.
    Where were the trucks when we needed them – they should have been out at the BEGINNING of the storm so the ice would not accumulate. WOW, I COULD HAVE HAD A V-8!!

    What are you going to do to help the hourly wage earners that are not eligible for food stamps or rent subsidies? These are people who are trying to support themselves and have lost a whole week’s pay because YOU could NOT do your JOB! Remember you have a job and an obligation to the people of Georgia that pay your (too high) salary and put you in office.

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