“The Silent Scream”, Actual Visual of a 12 wk abortion

Child Seen Silently Screaming During an Abortion

What happens to a 12 week old baby during an abortion?   Get the truth!
The baby in your womb is not a blob. 

Abortion happens to 4,000 people in the womb a day in the U.S.

In this video you will witness:

  • The Child’s heart beat increases to 200 beats a minute.
  •  The Child violently recoils from instrument.
  • The child opens mouth and screams.

This film is the actual ultra sound film of a child being aborted. The child dramatically moves violently away from the suction tip “which will eventually tear apart and destroy the child.” The child’s heart dramatically speeds up to 200 beats a minute and the child opens it’s mouth in a silent scream. The body is torn from the head.

This is INFANTICIDE. Any woman that would have an abortion isn’t much of a mother.

THIS HAPPENS 4,000 TIMES A DAY to 12 wk. old babies in the womb.



~ by riffenberg on January 19, 2011.

3 Responses to ““The Silent Scream”, Actual Visual of a 12 wk abortion”

  1. Thank you so much for this shocking, yet eye opening perspective on abortion. I am a feminist and I am against Nazism in all of its forms, that includes feminazis AND masculinazis…

  2. Chilling how cold and desensitized the women are. How many of their own children did they murder? “The Silent Scream” video of a fetus violently moving away from the abortion instruments and the mother let it happen. Monstrous.

  3. Well 80% of Planned Parenthood Centers are in black neighborhoods. What does that tell you? Racists Planned Parenthood has a lot in common with racist Margaret Sanger who wanted the black race and black babies wiped out.

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