Stated one georgia teacher to a student,

“The United States is a People’s Democracy”


REALLY??? What’s going on in our schools?
Recently at a middle school in a suburb of Atlanta, Roswell, a history teacher at Elkins Pointe was teaching a class on the different types of govt. in the world.  The teacher stated the United States is a “People’s Democracy”.  One of the children raised her hand and when the teacher called upon her she stated the United States is a Constitutional Republic.

The teacher attempted to bully and stifle all dissent

With one word,”HALLWAY” and a finger point, the child was ordered to leave the class and accompany the teacher to the hallway where she was told under no  conditions was the teacher going to put up with this today. I can only suppose the teacher had had enough of those who support our current system of govt.


The meaning of the term “People’s Democracy” is closely related to  the meaning of the noun, Marxism.
Marxism is defined as,
‘The political and economic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in which the concept of class struggle plays a central role in understanding society’s allegedly inevitable development from bourgeois oppression under capitalism to a socialist and ultimately classless society.’
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Definition of, “People’s Democracy” from Answers;
“People’s Democracy was a “Phrase invented to describe countries of ‘socialist orientation’ which could not yet claim to have built socialism itself. It was used first in reference to the ‘fraternal allies’ of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe after the Second World War and then those countries that adopted the Soviet model after decolonization.— Stephen Whitefield
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 After WW2 , “The People’s Democracy” was a term designated to countries in eastern Europe under the thumb of  Russia’s Communist Red Army. The Red Army was called red, to symbolize the “blood shed by the working class in its struggle against capitalism.” 
In the U.S.,  The People’s Democracy is associated with unions,the Black Liberation movement and theb struggle in Northern Ireland. 
Chinese president, Hu Jintao stated, the”People’s democracy is the life of socialism”.

People’s Democracy in Soviet Theory

Build a Mass Movement for People’s Democracy: Advance the cause of Black Liberation

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