Ben Nelson Target of White House Extortion on Health Care

According to a white house aide, the white house sent has a message for Ben Nelson and for our nations’ security. Play or else!

Apparently thugs in the white house (half who have problems paying their taxes) have brought Chicago thug politics to the white house.  Either he will vote for the health care plan or Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska will be  closed and10,000 people will be out of work .

What next? Will Tony Russo ask him how his relatives are doing? Will he find a bloodied horses head in his bed some morning,soon?

White House using base-closure process to extort Nelson’s vote on ObamaCare

Related article,
20 senators demand probe of health-care threat
Did The WH say it would close Nebraska’s airforce base if Nelson didn’t play?


~ by riffenberg on December 16, 2009.

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